Our company has been growing from semi-finished products to finished products.

Since 2005. We have grown significantly in depth and breath since its inception. Today we have extended our expertise and we can claim to have developed expertise in handling various types of security equipments/kits that include Mobile DVR, Standalone DVR,Security Cameras.

In 2009, And our branch office is in Hongkong(QOHO Technology(HK) Co., Ltd).In 2008 & 2009,we made great achievement for our security cameras series.1n 2010 & 2011,we made great progress for our security mobile DVR & car cameras series.



Firebox patent certificate

Fireproof & waterproof Certificate-1

Fireproof & waterproof certificate-2

Fireproof & waterproof Certificate-3

Fireproof&waterproof Certificate-4


MDVR CE certificate

MDVR FCC certificate

MDVR & camera CE

MDVR & cameras FCC

MIPS certificate 001


QOHO vibration test

QOHO vibration test-2

QOHO vibration test-3

QOHO vibration test-4

QOHO vibration test-5

Temperature & humidity & Shock test


logo Shenzhen QOHO Electronics Co.,Ltd found on 2005 year, which is a professional Mobile surveillance system manufacturer, we specialized in manufacturing, developing Vehicle Mobile equipment include Mobile DVR and vehicle cameras, police portable DVR product. We provide comprehensive services that cover Research & Development, produce, sales, and after sales service...more

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